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Our Vision is to Share the Love

We are dedicated to creating meaningful programming and educational opportunities around suicide, illness and death

We are dedicated to truthful communication around suicide, illness and death

We are dedicated to helping our clients find meaningful connections through art and alternative modalities

We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our workplace, our board, our clients, volunteers, artists and staff

We are dedicated to finding exposure for the stories of those affected by death, illness and suicide

We are dedicated to creating a positive work environment that includes 4 collective disconnect weeks, shorter work weeks, work-from-home encouragement, community connection in meaningful ways, unlimited PTO, continued DEI training and development, mentoring and professional development, personal development, benefits and more

We are dedicated to paying artists and practitioners livable wages

We are dedicated to helping emerging artists and practitioners  find platforms for expression

We are dedicated to changing the world through art  and other modalities

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